ATR 116 – black kids white community, bluest eye, international adoption and culture

How do we raise black children in an all-white community and still maintain a healthy sense of identity? How do we combat Eurocentric standards of beauty? Do internationally adoptive parents go too far with the cultural activities, at the expense of talking to their kids about race? Carmen Van Kerckhove, Tami Winfrey Harris, and Jae Ran Kim discuss.

Addicted to Race is broadcast live every Sunday afternoon at 12 pm Eastern. You can listen live on our BlogTalkRadio page and call in by dialing 347-996-3958.

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3 thoughts on “ATR 116 – black kids white community, bluest eye, international adoption and culture”

  1. I just wanted to comment to say that I really enjoy the ATR episodes that focus on parenting even though I am not a parent and I am not planning on being one anytime soon. Something about analyzing race&racism during the early parts of life really drives home for me the enormous effect these things have on our development as individuals. For me, it just puts a lot of things in perspective. So thanks for the podcast. I think the last few episodes especially have been great!

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