ATR 112 – Skip Gates, Chris Brown, Marie Claire magazine

Can the Henry Louis Gates arrest be used to lead a productive dialogue around race? Why did Obama have to apologize for his reaction to the arrest? Is Chris Brown’s apology video too little, too late? And why didn’t Marie Claire include any women of color in its article about non-custodial mothers? Carmen Van Kerckhove, Tami Winfrey Harris, Thea Lim, and L’Heureux Dumi Lewis discuss.

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One thought on “ATR 112 – Skip Gates, Chris Brown, Marie Claire magazine”

  1. Love this show! Just discovered it a few weeks ago and have totally latched on. You ladies are keeping me sane.

    One thing I’ve noticed: every time Thea speaks, the volume of the conversation dips. Thea, I want to hear your voice loud and clear! As an Asian woman I’ve been trained to be polite and quiet and have had to train myself to take up more public space; perhaps you can identify? Also when Carmen and Thea are “warming up” there’s sometimes a level of giggliness which makes me uncomfortable. You’re not actually joking around, but it’s more of a self-conscious/cocktail party type of laughter. I noticed it in particular in the Slumdog discussion and there was a bit of it going on in this show. What made the energy of Thea stand out in particular was Tami’s presence, bc Tami is so forthright and outspoken and unapologetic.

    Thea is just as authoritative as Tami and I want to hear her. Go, Thea!!

    Something to think about in the context of race, upbringing, public perception…. and brought to you with affection and respect as a sister.

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