ATR 107 – Iran demonstrations, politics of hair, The Hangover, white guys

Update: link to MP3 is at the bottom of the post. Thanks Jan!

Can we tell an Iranian woman’s politics from the looseness of her headscarf? Why is the way a black woman wears her hair still such a political choice? What’s driving the popularity of white-men-behaving-badly movies, such as The Hangover? Is there such a thing as race-approved white guy? Carmen Van Kerckhove, Tami Winfrey Harris, and Latoya Peterson discuss.

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(We’re trying out a new format using BlogTalkRadio and I haven’t quite figured out how to embed the player or get these new episodes to post to iTunes. Please bear with us as we figure it out!)

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6 thoughts on “ATR 107 – Iran demonstrations, politics of hair, The Hangover, white guys”

  1. I hate these streaming players. I need to be able to download the show so I can listen on my mp3 player. I will NOT use iTunes.

  2. Ooh, new episode! I listen to ATR at work on my mp3 player (which is not an iPod… so no iTunes), so when you figure out your new format… I’d appreciate if you provided an mp3 file in future posts that I can save on my computer! Thank you!

  3. Oh thanks Jan! Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how did you find the MP3 file? I couldn’t figure that out on BlogTalkRadio’s interface.

    Going to update the post with the MP3 now…

  4. I downloaded the playlist file by clicking on the “open in your default player” link on blogtalkradio. Then I opened the file in a text editor and copied the URL without the guid part.

    I did not find any official MP3 link on the blogtalkradio page. I guess they would prefer people to register for downloading…

    You’re welcome.

  5. Thanks for adding the mp3. Listened to the show today. It’s so great to have a new episode of ATR.

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