ATR 101 – Michelle Obama, Homophobia Among Blacks

What’s wrong with Salon running an article about Michelle Obama’s ass? Why do we either obsess over the Obamas’ sexuality or pretend it doesn’t exist? Is Prince a homophobe? What happens when religion, homophobia, and race intersect?

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Andrea (AJ) Plaid runs The Cruel Secretary, where she blogs about race, gender, and sex. Andrea has been quoted in the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune regarding the decline of the NAACP, African Americans’ protectiveness toward Senator Barack Obama, and the rift between white feminists and feminists of color in defending Michelle Obama against racist and sexist media attacks. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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2 thoughts on “ATR 101 – Michelle Obama, Homophobia Among Blacks”

  1. With Prop. 8, the thing that’s striking to me is that people have focused their anger almost entirely on the margin of victory among Black voters. But Black voters are absolutely not the only demographic group who voted overwhelmingly for Prop. 8.

    For example, according to exit polls, around two-thirds of voters who have children under the age of eighteen voted for Prop. 8. 60% of married people voted for Prop. 8. A big majority of voters over the age of 65 voted for Prop. 8. And if you look at county-by-county results, the counties which voted most strongly for Prop. 8 are almost entirely rural counties in the inland and far north areas of California – areas with very small Black populations.

    So, why aren’t people like Dan Savage freaking out about how homophobic older people or rural people are? Why aren’t they just as furious that married straight people voted to deny marriage rights to gay people?

    As a Californian, I’m very upset about Prop. 8 passing – and I’m angry, too. But I’m also upset about the disproportional amount of anger that’s been directed at Black voters, as though they’re the only people who voted and worked to get this ridiculous piece of legislation passed. If you take the time to look at the voting data, that’s obviously not the case, and to focus one’s anger entirely against Black voters shows that white liberal racism is just as big an issue as Black homophobia.

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