ATR 100 – Yes We Did

What does an Obama presidency mean for the future of race in America? Has something fundamentally shifted in our society? What new challenges lie ahead?

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Guest co-host Kai Chang is a technology entrepreneur and independent blogger living and working in New York City and southwestern Connecticut. Kai was born in Buffalo, New York, and has lived in Montreal, Canada; Los Angeles, California; Hong Kong; and the Szechuan province of China. Kai blogs at, as well as at the new pro-migrant community blog The Sanctuary.

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One thought on “ATR 100 – Yes We Did”

  1. I would like to comment on another aspect of McCain’s mention of race in his concession speech. When talking about the significance of a racially mixed president he said, “..America offers opportunities to all who have the industry and will to seize it.” Then goes on to say, “let there be no reason now for any American to fail to cherish their citizenship.” Although this sounded positive at first it later reminded me of the argument often told by the right that assumes there is a level playing field. It is their argument that racism (‘racialism’) doesn’t exist, so affirmative action programs, for instance, aren’t necessary.

    Also, who is he accusing of not cherishing their citizenship? There was a time, not long ago, when people were considered anti-American if they expressed disapproval of any of George W. Bush’s policies in Iraq. There are a smaller group of Americans, perhaps in McCain’s 22%, who believe that to be an appreciative, acclimated citizen means you must not just follow the ideals upheld by the Constitution but must also conform to the social practices of the majority. McCain’s concession speech seemed to mask the same classist agenda which American’s rejected in the election. I may be reading between the lines here, but there are those on the far right who will read the same but instead take it as encouragement for their agenda.

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