ATR 92 – black Chinese in South Africa, racism in fashion, Obama talks white

Why have Chinese been reclassified as “black” in South Africa? Is the fashion industry racist? Is Ralph Nader right when he says that Obama “talks white?”

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Baratunde Thurston is a comedian, writer and activist. He blogs at The Huffington post and as Jack Turner for Jack & Jill Politics. He’s been featured on NPR, BBC, CNN, The NY Times, C-SPAN and Baratunde speaks at colleges and conferences around the country and lives in NYC where he works for The Onion.

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One thought on “ATR 92 – black Chinese in South Africa, racism in fashion, Obama talks white”

  1. I actually have the hardest time remember that you all are still doing this show. So, when it showed up into my Itunes I was so confused. I’m listening to it as I am writing this. I think had I not read the article about the chinese becoming “black Africans,” I wouldn’t know the background story from listen to your podcast. Can you kind of introduce the topic for a little longer than 5 secs.? If I was confused about it or missed the news, I wouldn’t know what you all were talking about.

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