ATR 84 – Jena Six, Hip Hop, O’Reilly – 10/02/2007 – Submit an Audio Comment: 917-720-6348

Carmen and Baratunde discuss discuss the Jena Six case, the recent congressional hearings on hip hop, and Bill O’Reilly’s recent revelations that black people are indeed, normal human beings.

This episode features the song “Mask and the Assassin” from DJ Muggs formerly of Cypress Hill, courtesy of Spectre Entertainment.

Carmen is joined by Baratunde Thurston. Baratunde is a comedian, author and vigilante pundit. He’s been nominated for the Bill Hicks Award for Thought Provoking Comedy, and blogs in several places including the Huffington Post, Jack & Jill Politics and his own He hates when white people touch his hair.

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2 thoughts on “ATR 84 – Jena Six, Hip Hop, O’Reilly – 10/02/2007 – Submit an Audio Comment: 917-720-6348”

  1. Carmen –

    Just got through listening to ATR 84 after seeing a note from Baratunde on Twitter about this show. I remember hearing a promo for this show at least two years back on Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, believe it or not. Can you believe I’m just getting around to listening, after being curious about it for so long?

    Better late than never, I suppose.

    Baratunde was on point, as usual. And he’s right: the live blogging from the sisters over at What About Our Daughters regarding the Congressional Hearings on hip-hop was incredible. The idea that there are those online dedicated to being so detailed for event coverage (at the benefit of those of us who can’t because other areas of life demand our attention) is an immeasurable service in this fast-paced world. Regarding Jena 6, bloggers to the rescue again, absolutely. Outside of Democracy Now and Alternet, I think the BBC started their coverage before outlets like CNN (big surprise there). and Bill O’Reilly’s still Bill O’Reilly…which surprises no one.

    with Jena 6, the West Virginia rape case, the Katrina aftermath, and so many other issues and themes that won’t go away anytime soon, your podcast is needed now more than ever. therefore, consider me a listener from here on in. sorry it took a brother so long to get down with this show.

    thank you for doing what you do.

    -jason {macedonia}
    Radio BSOTS (Both Sides Of The Surface)

  2. I also had a listen to your podcast for the first time. it was very informative. I have been keeping up a bit on the Jena 6 and the West Virginia rape/torture case had me pretty CRAZY. I couldn’t believe (as you and Baratunde also said) that as sensational as that story was (did you see the pictures of the culprits???) that more attention wasn’t paid to it. Then again, it goes to show that although it is 2007, not too much has changed – a tortured black woman is AOK in mainstream media, I guess.

    I also agreed with Baratunde about Bill O’Reilly. I thought that it was an awkward, IGNORANT attempt at being noble and addressing HIS audience – which in his mind needs convincing since he has been one of the folks attempting to keep his listeners just as ignorant as himself – informing them that after all HE has said & done, black people are really JUST human beings. I expect because of the publicity, Sylvia will have an overflow house for weeks to come…NOT! Anyway…I’ll be listening again and thanks for doing what you do!

    hats off,

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