ATR 81 – Where Are the Bloggers of Color? – 09/4/2007 – Submit an Audio Comment: 917-720-6348

Carmen and Kai discuss the racial divide in the blogosphere. White bloggers keep asking where the bloggers of color are, when bloggers of color in fact have established thriving communities. This episode features the song “Baby” by Angie Stone, courtesy of Spectre Entertainment.

Carmen is joined by guest co-host Kai Chang in this episode. Kai is a technology entrepreneur and progressive activist living and working in southwestern Connecticut and New York City. Kai was born in Buffalo, New York, grew up in Montreal, Canada, and Los Angeles, California, and attended college in San Diego, Hong Kong, and the Szechuan Province of China. He has worked as a professional software developer for the past 15 years. Kai blogs about politics and culture at

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One thought on “ATR 81 – Where Are the Bloggers of Color? – 09/4/2007 – Submit an Audio Comment: 917-720-6348”

  1. Hi Carmen,

    I just paused in the middle of this podcast to leave a comment. I’ve visited Race in the Workplace a few times after reading about the blog on Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist. Today, I read an interview with you in the latest issue of Bitch magazine and thought I’d stop by. What a great set of sites. I’ve just recently become addicted to podcasts so I’m very happy to add Addicted to Race to my roster.

    As I paused, you were just commenting about your search for Latino bloggers. I am one. I don’t, however, blog about race overtly so I may not be seen as a Latino blogger per se. And I’m a woman, but I don’t blog about feminism or anything overtly gendered so may not register as a feminist blogger. I blog about food, particularly as it relates to familial and social relationships, community, animal rights, and just plain deliciousness. I am just starting to think about how race intersects with vegetarianism, and specifically veganism, which is seen as the province of self-righteous, wealthy, white kids. Some of that stereotyping is understandable but, of course, hugely problematic and as I delve into the issue more, I plan on wrapping my head around it enough to formulate some pertinent blog posts on the subject.

    Anyways, as you were speaking about finding Latino bloggers, I was struck with the thought that you wouldn’t necessarily find me if I don’t list or tag my site as dealing with Latino issues. And yet, before listening to this segment of your podcast, I did a search of “Latino bloggers” and basically found some Xanga links and a few clippings asking, “where are the Latino bloggers.” Basically pigeonholing others as I myself might be pigeonholed!

    Back to pressing play. I’m eager to listen to more.

    Take care,

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