ATR 80 – Race, Fashion and Beauty – 08/21/2007 – Submit an Audio Comment: 206-203-3983

Carmen and Wendi discuss how the fashion and beauty industries continue to marginalize women of color.

Wendi Muse is a graduate of NYU where she had a concentration in legal and cultural studies of oppressed and marginalized peoples at the gallatin school of individualized study. She presently works at a law firm by day, but spends the rest of her time writing. She is the managing editor for the coup magazine and current events contributor for their blog site. She also writes for her personal blog, a little labor of love called Does Race Matter? but Addicted to Race listeners may know her best as a special correspondent for Racialicious, where she contributes weekly articles on an array of race-related topics.

Racialicious blog posts mentioned in this episode:

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2 thoughts on “ATR 80 – Race, Fashion and Beauty – 08/21/2007 – Submit an Audio Comment: 206-203-3983”

  1. btw, in the podcast, i make two slip-ups (made out of nervousness; carmen is intimidating!!!! lol) i want to correct for listeners:

    1. i say that commenters take a gander at an issue…i really meant took a stab at or took a guess…

    2. i say that mac is “intent” about using women of color in their ads…i really meant intentional…

    so, sorry about that! i hope that clears things up.

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