ATR 71 – No Homo, Black Marriage – 06/12/2007 – Submit an Audio Comment: 206-203-3983

Carmen and Dumi discuss the “no homo” phenomenon, as well as BET’s recent episode of “Meet the Faith,” which focused on the state of black marriage.

Guest co-host L’Heureux Lewis, who is also known as Dumi, just completed his PhD in Sociology and Public Policy at the University of Michigan. A native of West Haven, CT he received a Bachelor’s from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. In the fall, he will begin as an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Black Studies at the City College of New York. His research interests are wide ranging and he has studied racial identity, multiraciality in the color blind era, mental health functioning, racial discrimination, and educational inequality. Dumi also blogs at

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6 thoughts on “ATR 71 – No Homo, Black Marriage – 06/12/2007 – Submit an Audio Comment: 206-203-3983”

  1. Christopher P. Adams
    #5,641,658, 6/24/1997, Method for performing amplification of nucleic acid with two primers bound to a single solid support

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    #4,172,004, 10/23/1979, Method for forming dense dry etched multi-level metallurgy with non-overlapped vias
    #4,201,800, 5/6/1980, Hardened photoresist master image mask process
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    These African-American inventors are just some of many more black inventors that are overlooked when mentioning the accomplishments and intellectual contributions of Blacks in American society.

  2. Dumi – regarding the low marriage rate. I don’t think divorce (surprise surprise) is our biggest issue. The bigger issue is that marriage is not taking place AT ALL.

    Also, consider that opportunities typically arise out of more secure financial circumstances. Let’s never forget one of the old school reasons for marriage is financial security. It is how families create and transfer wealth.

  3. Gatamala- I hear you on the divorce not necessarily being a bigger problem. Though I think rates of divorce heavily influence folks decisions to get married. Also, if people are not seeing their potential partners are a more financially stable solution than living by themselves, then they may opt not to marry as well. Yes, more secure financial situations do on average beget more opportunities, but how one choses to create that: via career moves, use of extended family, or marriage is still up to that person.

  4. if people are not seeing their potential partners are a more financially stable solution than living by themselves, then they may opt not to marry as well


    btw I fell out when you said “Guy-Sheftall”. I graduated from SC in 98. I didn’t have her though.

  5. Gatamala-
    Ah, a Spelmanite, I knew I liked you;) Yeah, Dr. Guy-Sheftall’s class was life changing… and challenging! You graduated the same year as my sister! I finished Morehouse in 2000.

  6. Yea, the other day I saw a dude wearing a shirt that read:

    I [Heart]

    wow…i had no clue that it had gotten so serious that people can’t rep without needing to assert their heterosexuality haha.

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