This week’s episode is delayed

Jennifer Fang from Reappropriate and I recorded an entire episode (60+ minutes) last night, but the entire recording was lost when my computer acted up. :(

We’re going to try and get together again later this week to give it another go, but I’m not sure when it’ll happen exactly.

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2 thoughts on “This week’s episode is delayed”

  1. What?? I thought Asians never had any tech trouble! What is this world coming to?
    Sigh, you should really outsource the running of your site to India.

  2. There are those who say that Cho Seung-Hui’s violent rampage at virginia tech was the best thing to happen to the meek asian male stereotype in years.

    Sadly, I disagree. There are no negative images with positive impacts.

    Considering the recent airing of a mentally disturbed asian male in the Sopranos, I wonder if the new asian male stereotype with “anger management issues” will be used against us more. Those of us who are angry about the asian interracial dating disparity, the institutionalized anti-asian double standards at our institutions of higher education, and the racist glass cielings will now be strapped down further with patronizing comments like “now dont go v-tech on us, mm-kay?”.

    Cho’s characterization by the media as a foreign national is also the first stage of our american isolationism feeding back into more isolationism. The only reason why he wasnt a citizen yet was because of the increased wait times for citizenship. Now that we have increased the legal requirements for citizenship, the media is feeling welcome to raise the requirements for being considered american. How long until this feedback loop convinces us to increase the wait times even further?

    If Cho was white no one would be making such a big deal of his nationality.

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