ATR 67 – Don Imus – 04/16/2007 – Voicemail 206-203-3983

Carmen and Yolanda Carrington discuss the recent Don Imus controversy, and how those of us who do anti-racist work can get our voices heard in the mainstream media.

Guest co-host Yolanda Carrington is a writer and activist, and the moderator of the blog The Primary Contradiction. Her primary focus is the intersection of gender, race, and class, and the struggles of people of color in white-dominated societies. Her subjects of interest include history, social change movements, popular culture, and the mass media.

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6 thoughts on “ATR 67 – Don Imus – 04/16/2007 – Voicemail 206-203-3983”

  1. Carmen,

    M1 of Dead Prez was on Fox News basically addressing the issue of the use of the racist and sexist language in Hip Hop… I can’t seem to find the full clip on Fox but there’s a truncated version on Youtube.

    I should also mention that Dead Prez’s signature track “Hip Hop” from the album “Let’s Get Free” basically reiterates the points both Yolanda and you make regarding the appropriation of hip hop.

  2. Don’t know what happened but my first post got eaten up somewhere/somehow… What I said was along the lines of….

    Great podcast Yolanda and Carmen… Yolanda it was awesome to hear one of my heroes speak to truth to power… And Carmen, thanks for adding the important voices to the podcast discussions.

  3. Why does the media keep ignoring the racist aggression that was such a major factor effecting the V-tech killer, and the racist backlash we are already seeing as a result?

  4. Like Snoop Dogg is going to be “PC” and sensitive, you’re surprised he’s not?
    Snoop was actually asked for advice ?
    Does he not write about “bitches and ho’s”?
    Oh , I get it, it’s “cool” when Snoop does it, but it’s not when this Imus character does it. Sheesh,the whole thing is not even worthy of such hoopla.

  5. We must not allow the words of an ignorant man (Don Imus) divide us any further. I we allow this mans words to divide us then segregation and ignorance win. While the government has come a long ways in protecting us from blunt segregation and discrimination, it will never be able to protect us from what people think. It is up to us anti-racists to enlighted the uneducated and continue to mark ahead together as the human race we are. Sue S

  6. Al Sharpton is a bigger racist than Don Imus ever was. What about all the things he’s said and done? Imus is a shock-jock. He makes fun of everyone. He apologized after he got fired. What about his 5th ammendment rights to speak his mind? Even though it was only done in a bad-humored sense. Just because African-Americans are a minority, doesn’t mean they don’t have their own racists. Al Sharpton is a prime example of what I’m talking about.

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