ATR 64 – Fox News attacks black America – 03/19/2007

Carmen is joined by guest co-host L’Heureux Lewis, who is also known as Dumi. Dumi is completing his PhD in Sociology and Public Policy at the University of Michigan. A native of West Haven, CT he received a Bachelor’s from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. In the fall, he will begin as an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Black Studies at the City College of New York. His research interests are wide ranging and he has studied racial identity, multiraciality in the color blind era, mental health functioning, racial discrimination, and educational inequality. More on his work can be found at his research web site. When not attempting to complete his dissertation, he blogs at

On this episode, Dumi and Carmen discuss the call for Congressional Black Caucus Institute not to team up with Fox News to co-host its presidential debates. See the video “Fox News Attacks Black America.” They also discuss David Mills’ recent column in The Huffington Post in which he counted the top 10 most socially redeeming usages of the n-word in modern history.

This episode features the song “What’s That Buzzing?” by P.O.S., courtesy of Spectre Entertainment Group.

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6 thoughts on “ATR 64 – Fox News attacks black America – 03/19/2007”

  1. Hello ATR!
    As always, thanks very much for another good show. You and L’Heureux have struck up some excellent points about racial slurs which, until now, have been on the tip of my tongue.

    After listening to the show, I followed your link to check David Mills’ list and read some people defence to keep the word legal. While I can see that David has the best intention when compiling the list of empowering moments, I agree with you and L’Heureux that most people who utter these words are not doing it with the same poetic purpose as the people on the list.

    Furthermore, even though I can understand the concern involving the violation of the First Amendment, I am sure that most of us would not mind if the N, C, J, G, K, etc-word would magically disappear from our vocabulary. Just think: our kids will not have to grow up with these words fired at them. I know it sounds fictitious but it never hurts to strive toward that.

    For those staunch believers for the freedom of speech, perhaps we can entertain another method to legally address the use of racial slurs. A friend of mine once said that flinging a racial slur at someone is essentially an act of violence. I pretty much agree with his assessment. So if someone use a slur to put another person down, the receiver is entitled to deliver 10 free cans of whoop-ass against the offender without any legal repercussions. Wait, make that 20 with a blunt object…

    Ok, I am only saying this in jest– HALF-joking anyways– but I am sure that many of us have at some point felt like dealing out some good ‘ole vigilantism. This goes back to the point about the proportion of empowering moments vs. the hateful ones. I think it is a testiment to how powerfully negative these experiences can be with just a few words. As wonderful as these Top Ten moments of redemption seem, I would give those all up if those words are never to be uttered. We can all agree on that, don’t you think?

    Anyways, sorry if I am covering the same territory that has already been addressed. And thanks again. You guys are definitely getting better and better. Nevertheless I would like to issue a pertition to bring back “Racial Spy,” or at least just the theme music…

  2. I just have to say one thing: the redemptive instances that Mills’ bravely listed as the Top Ten in his article can NEVER overshadow, or should I say, “lighten up”, the continual use of the word “nigger” in exponentially destructive instances.

    Two words: Kill it.

  3. I just have to say one thing: the redemptive instances that Mills’ bravely listed as the Top Ten in his article can NEVER overshadow, or should I say, “lighten up”, the continual use of the word “nigger” in exponentially destructive instances.

    Two words: Kill it.

  4. Great show as usual. Dumi has really great perspectives & is right that we have to look at the meaning behind the n-word and not just think getting rid of it will solve racism in & of itself. Peace!

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