ATR 45 – October 23, 2006 – Voicemail 206-203-3983 –

In this episode of Addicted to Race, we share with you the recording of last Tuesday’s live show. On the show, we discussed the dangers of positive stereotypes. Why are we so quick to agree with positive stereotypes about our ethnic or racial group? How can we begin to see that these positive stereotypes exist at the expense of other groups? Are positive stereotypes just as harmful as negative stereotypes? Thanks to everyone who listened live and called in! We’ll be doing another live show next month – stay tuned for details.

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3 thoughts on “ATR 45 – October 23, 2006 – Voicemail 206-203-3983 –”

  1. Listening to the show right now and got to the part where you’re talking about the Tyra Banks show…UGGGG!!! You have NO idea how many people just assume that I married my wife because I have an “asian” fetish. Why does liking someone who doesn’t look like you translate to a “fetish”. My standard response to that has become that “well, since we met in an art class, I’d say I have a painting fetish…a watercolor fetish…” So lame! I don’t think most people view positive stereotypes as “negative” in any way, and they want any positive outcomes that may come from those stereotypes…what a sticky topic! Thanks for taking it on.

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