TONIGHT: Live call-in show for Addicted to Race!

Be sure to tune in TONIGHT for the latest Addicted to Race live call-in show. It’s tonight, October 17 at 10 pm Eastern U.S. time.
We’ll be discussing the dangers of positive stereotypes. Why are we so quick to agree with positive stereotypes about our ethnic or racial group? How can we begin to see that these positive stereotypes exist at the expense of other groups? Are positive stereotypes just as harmful as negative stereotypes?

I Have a Talk ShowTo listen, click here. Tonight there should be a play button, which if clicked will allow you to listen to the show, streaming live over the Web site.

To call in, just dial (347) 996-3958 or you can also IM us at AIM – our username is addictedpodcast.

If you’d like to receive an email reminder about the show, click here. You can select the reminder to go out anywhere from 5 minutes before the show or 24 hours before the show. We’re really excited and look forward to speaking with you all live! :)

For those who can’t tune in for the live show, we will be recording the episode so you’ll be able to download and listen later on. To listen to a recording of last month’s live show, click here.

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5 thoughts on “TONIGHT: Live call-in show for Addicted to Race!”

  1. Interesting show, I’m sorry I was unable to listen in live. I might not have heard as the voices faded at times, but I missed the positive/negative stereotypes for so called “white” males. Just for the record, all of the sexual stereotypes you mentioned are total BS. I am not promiscuous in any way, but over the last two decades, I have had sexual relationships with Latin women, Asian women, black women and white women among others. I have a news flash for all the men. There is no mystery other than the mystery of women in general. While each individual is different, there is no specific aspect of sexuality that rests within one racial group. I also wanted to say that stereotypes do not benefit anybody. I heard Yolanda speak about how positive stereotypes benefit white people. This is a stereotype in and of itself. Where is the “white people” group. Is there a meeting? I’m sorry, but I am so sick of people lumping everyone into groups based on their racial background! This flies in the face of everything and everyone that fights against racism and ignorance. Now, Yolanda has her own experience and that is valid, but that does not mean the experience is universal. I was born “white” by an accident of birth not by choice. My choice has always been to discard the horrible disease of racism and prejudice and I do not benefit by anybody engaging in such stupidity. I don’t think people realize how harmful it is to stereotype white people as the beneficiaries of all that is. That is a stereotype! There are thousands of stereotypes about white people and they are all just as ridiculous, stupid and harmful as those about Blacks or Asians, for example. Even you two seem to subscribe to the notion that white males are considered “normal” and all other racial stereotypes descend from and somehow benefit me as a white male. This is ridiculous. Like both of you , I have always spoken out against people saying or acting in ways that exhibit racism and ignorance. I don’t want a medal, I just do it because it is the right thing to do. A lot of people don’t like me for it. I have no group to go to other than the faceless group of people who think critically and don’t give in to lazy generalizations, myths and pandering. This show started to remind me of the race Olympics you guys talk about. “My suffering is worse than your suffering.” “My pain is worse than your pain.” “You should shut up because you can’t possibly know how I feel.” “You’ve never been oppressed.” These kind statements go on and on and on. I know where they come from. They come from bitterness, something I can understand. I just wish people would realize that they cannot group people according to race. It needs to stop! Isn’t that what Addicted to Race is all about?

  2. mr guy and anyone else who might have listened to the archived show, we just want to apologize for the cursing that took place early on in the recording. As you can probably tell, we were extremely frustrated by the technical difficulties we were experiencing and well, we expressed that frustration. However, we had no idea that the stuff *before* we went live would be recorded as well. –CVK

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