RSS feed is down

Hey everyone, for some reason our RSS feed isn’t validating. That means that if you’re subscribed to us in iTunes, you won’t be able to download any new episodes until we get it fixed. I’m working on figuring out what’s wrong with it, but if any of you out there have any suggestions, ideas for how I can fix it, PLEASE get in touch me! :|

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2 thoughts on “RSS feed is down”

  1. Oh man, that sucks bigtime. I wish I had some good advice to give you… hmm, let’s see… you could go to feedburner and make another RSS until you get your current one fixed. Just a temporary RSS, ya know?

  2. Hi, it’s not a feedburner problem, nor a problem that feedburner can fix for you. It’s a problem with the WordPress software used to generate the RSS feed. WordPress is generating gibberish for some reason. Contact whoever it is that set up WordPress for you and get them to do a sanity check on the installation.

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