Introducing New Demographic’s core beliefs

You may have noticed that we’ve gradually been making changes to the way we describe New Demographic. When we launched the company in late 2004, our main goal was to raise awareness about issues surrounding mixed race identity and interracial relationships. Over the years, our work has evolved. What we realized is that we were actually using the topics of mixed race identity and interracial relationships as filters through which to discuss larger issues surrounding race in general. Essentially, we’re an anti-racism training company.

We recently sat down and figured out how we could summarize the principles that guide our work so that people could quickly understand our core beliefs. We’ve listed them below, and posted this video in which we discuss each of these beliefs.

  • We go beyond uncritical celebrations of diversity and multiculturalism and confront head-on the complex issues surrounding race and racism today.
  • In challenging racism, we go beyond individual acts of prejudice and recognize that racist ideals are disseminated by the very structures and systems upon which this country is built.
  • We go beyond the concerns of the specific community to which we belong and recognize that when one group is discriminated against, it is an affront to us all.
  • When discussing racism, we go beyond simply blaming “The Man” and recognize that racism persists through an intricate web of intergroup and intragroup oppression and privilege.
  • We go beyond “diversity speak” and academic jargon and recognize that using direct, down-to-earth language is the best way to engage people in anti-racism work.
  • We go beyond acceptance of finite racial categories and recognize that race has no biological basis, but that the social construct of race impacts us all.
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