ATR 34 – August 21, 2006 – Voicemail 206-203-3983 –

This episode is dedicated exclusively to listener feedback. Here’s what we cover:

  • The host of GOP Exposed calls in with a voicemail, asking why it is that black people are so rarely shown with black romantic partners or families on TV or in movies.
  • Alethia Hostetter writes in about intersectionality: how oppression, identity, and privilege intersect and interact in complex ways in people’s lives.
  • Faye, a 16 year-old high school student, emails us about how race sometimes causes tension in her group of ethnically diverse friends.
  • A listener calls in with a voicemail, asking how as a white person she can deal with the anger that’s often directed towards her because of her race, and the hostility she sometimes feels from black women towards her interracial relationship.
  • Alex Gombach writes in asking us if he should be offended when Chinese people call him “lo faan” or “lao guei,” terms used to describe “foreigners.”
  • Mark Lind emails us asking about the implications of race as a social construct.
  • Deborah Wilson writes to us in reaction to Carmen’s rant in episode 32 about the coded ways in which we talk about race without appearing to talk about race. She sees a similar dynamic in the backlash against disco in the late 70s
  • Ekachai Jiaravanont emails us in reaction to our jokes about the listener who asked if we date Asian men, since we talk so much about their problematic media representations. He thinks we trivialized and ridiculed the listener without understanding where the “angry Asian man” syndrome comes from.

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6 thoughts on “ATR 34 – August 21, 2006 – Voicemail 206-203-3983 –”

  1. Nice show, you should do it in this sort of format more often.I understood where the GOP Exposed(not a fan of putting down political parties that you don’t agree with, I just wanted to say) guy was coming from, but I have seen plently of black couples on tv and in the movies in my lifetime, much much more then interracial couples.Maybe it’s just me.

    As for finding out the race of(who was it, carmen? I can’t remember) dates, I instantly thought, she’s going to get some people questioning her beliefs, and looking at her in a completely different way now.From both the black side and the asian side.I got to say though, I had a good laugh when one of you talked about losing half of your readership after this :)

  2. Are you a support group?

    You stated that you are not a support group, but the reality is that to some of your listeners you are a support group. This podcast really explores the issues of racism and maybe to those listeners this is the one place where they feel really understood and it has become a place of support for them.

    I understand your desire to call them out and that they need their own voice. But I think about my own walk of racial awareness. As an early teen – I wished I was white. I am hispanic. It was not until junior year in high school that I began to embrace being hispanic. I was lucky enough to live in Chicago and have friends who were ethnically and religously diverse. It was not until then, that I found my voice as a hispanic girl.

    I am now a 47 year old woman and I can see how I have grown to embrace being a hispanic woman. I am thankful for friends that affirmed my walk in this area.

    Having said that, I understand your desire to not be a support group. But maybe there are young listeners who are just beginning the process of embracing who they are as individuals. And maybe listening to your podcast is the first step in self love.

    Again thank you for your podcast.

  3. I’m SO glad the white female listener posed her question/comment about the hostility from black women the way she did. Often we are painted as black monsters who’s only thought all day is to terrorize some innocent, angelic white woman. “The black women are picking on me. Whah Whah Whah.” They way she said it was less whinney than normal.

    I have often been in public places minding my own business while being verbally attacked by blk man/wht woman couples. The truth is, white women can be instigators too, and some are! They sit around and bash us right along with their black boyfriends, and then wonder why there is tension within the race re: IR’s. Yeah, I’m sure black women enjoy being put down by THE WORLD, let alone their brother and Massa’s daughter! The site of a blk man/wht wmn union can take on the face of a Klan member for some; it seems as if some of them have the same beliefs.

    Funny thing is, these couples often appear on TV, on radio, PODCASTS, magazines, etc, voicing their one-sided opinion about black women, yet no one in these avenues are interested in our side of the story; not unless it’s a black woman who supports their theory. FEW come to our defense. This is very disheartening and unfair. We deserve to be heard. Especially those of us who don’t really give a damn. Especially those of us who sacrifised major parts of our lives so some these black men could be successful in life.

    Anyway, Kudos to the white woman with class!

  4. Wow, you guys saved the best for last! Well, I intended to put my opinion out there to be heard, so I have to be careful of what I wish for eh?! :D Perhaps my original email was misinterpreted. In regards to the subtext of the “support group,” Lis Stadler here conveyed of my feelings more eloquently than I did.

    The reason I point my cousins to this show is not because their egos can be coddled, but because ATR is able to present the subject matter in an articulate manner. Many of us are well adjusted people now, but growing up as a minority, developing self-love most likely require some growing pains. For people trying to understand how they fit in to this world but the words are just at the tip of their tongue, it is invaluable to be in an environment where they can feed off on the experience of other people of color.

    As for the other point of my email, I feel that it was misunderstood as well, but I will spare everyone on this because it will not be productive, and there are other more important issues to discuss. I see your reasons for feeling so negative about the previous listener’s curiosity, so I will bow out of this subject.

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