New episode delayed

UPDATE: Sorry but we won’t be able to put out another episode until next Monday, April 24th. We’re so sorry! Both of us were on the road last week, separately, so it’s been impossible to coordinate a time to record. We’ll get back to our regular schedule soon though, we promise!

Apologies everyone! Our next episode was supposed to come out yesterday, but we’re a little bit behind schedule. Keep an eye out though, as it should be coming through the pipeline in the next couple of days. Thanks! :)

Jen and Carmen

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2 thoughts on “New episode delayed”

  1. You do realize that we’re all addicted! We can’t wait anymore. On a serious note, you might want to check out some interesting articles in the spring 2006 issue of American Scholar. In particular, there is an essay by Amitai Etzioni called Leaving Race Behind which would likely make excellent grist for your mill. He is an excellent writer and I would highly recommend any of his books. The two I read most recently are “The Monochrome Society” and “The New Golden Rule.” I’m pretty sure you would enjoy reading both of those. He would make a great interview subject for you as well. Enjoy.


  2. Thanks for mentioning the article, Daniel. I’m printing it now. Hope it’s as interesting/provocative as it sounds.

    Hey! Hurry up back, Jen and Carmen!

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