Hear Carmen on NPR tomorrow morning!

carmen van kerckhoveTomorrow (12/30) morning’s News & Notes with Ed Gordon will be opening with a segment on interracial relationships. Addicted to Race’s own Carmen Van Kerckhove will be one of the guests, along with Debra Dickerson, author of “The End of Blackness.”

If you’re in NYC, you can tune in at 9 AM on AM 820 (WNYC). If you’re in other parts of the country, please visit the show’s web site to find out how you can listen:

UPDATE: You can listen to the show online by clicking this link.

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Next ATR episode will be out on Jan 9!

Just a quick note to apologize for skipping this week’s episode of Addicted to Race. Between the holiday season and the NYC transit strike, we just weren’t able to get together and record. But we’ll be back on Monday, January 9th with our regularly scheduled episode! Hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday!

ATR Videocast 02 – Dec 19, 2005 – Worst Racial Compliments – Voicemail 206-203-3983 – addictedtorace@gmail.com

Jen and Carmen share the worst racial compliments they’ve ever received and ask some other mixed people in New York City as well.

addicted to race videocast 2

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ATR 11 – Dec 12, 2005 – Voicemail 206-203-3983 – addictedtorace@gmail.com

People’s obsession with classifying and reclassifying mixed people is the subject of Jen’s rant today.

Sorry about the hissing noises in the background of this episode. We accidentally had our iRiver on a setting to pick up long-range noises, and didn’t realize until we were putting the show together. Better sound next time – we promise!

They’re finally here! Available in Lemon or Fuschia for women, Aqua and Lemon for men. Buy one today at Like Minded People.

Carmen shares the latest and greatest from Mixed Media Watch. We discuss two recently published articles about interracial relationships. The first explores the rise in intra-Asian dating, and the second is about being a mixed person in an interracial relationship.

Jen and Carmen face off about the animated series “The Boondocks.” Is it brilliant satire or racist tripe? Listen in as we duke it out!

Jen and Carmen interview Robert Jensen, author of a new book titled The Heart of Whiteness : Confronting Race, Racism and White Privilege.

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Here’s a look at the next episode:
1) Carmen will rant about the awful stereotypes perpetuated by the media about Asian men and women.
2) Mixed Media Watch news round-up.
And we’re still figuring out the rest! It’ll be a surprise. :)

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