ATR 8 – October 31, 2005

Carmen counts down the top 8 most racist stereotypes of black men and women perpetuated by the media.

Jen shares the latest and greatest from Mixed Media Watch. We take a look at CNN correspondent Soledad O’Brien and her recent words on being mixed. We also recognize the life and contributions of Rosa Parks.

In this occasional segment, Carmen shares her experiences growing up mixed in Hong Kong.

Jen interviews Emily Raboteau, author of recently published, The Professor’s Daughter. We discuss how her personal experiences as a mixed woman shaped this coming-of-age story. We also discuss the problematic way in which books are classified as well as the limited space there still exists for mixed writers and mixed stories.

Here’s a look at the next episode:
1) Jen will rant about the struggle that people have with “ethnic” names.
2) Mixed Media Watch news round-up
3) Racialicious
4) Carmen interviews Angry Asian Man, a blogger who tracks representations of Asian-Americans in the media.

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8 thoughts on “ATR 8 – October 31, 2005”

  1. I can’t believe you guys. Almost every single thing you say is complete crap. I can only stand listening to a couple minutes of each episode because everything you say is WRONG! You picked on Chris Rock’s show because it perpetuated the “black mother shrew” stereotype. Did it ever occur to you that Chris Rock is black and writer and executive producer for the show? So now a black guy is perpetuating black stereotypes? Further, I can’t think of a single other show that perpetuates this stereotype that you say is so pervasive. That’s so Raven, The Cosby Show, Good Times, The Jeffersons, Sister Sister, 227, Bernie Mac; none of these shows have a shrew mom. Outside of “Everybody Hates Chris”, I can’t think of a single other show. Then you got all indignant about people mispronouncing ethnic names but then when I first wrote you, you made fun of my name as if it wasn’t real. Because I’m white, it’s okay to laugh at my silly sounding name? Then immediately after your naming rant you didn’t have the decency to learn how to pronounce Nicolas Cage’s son’s name. You tried to cover it by saying it’s okay because it’s not an ethnic name it’s a fictional name. WRONG! It was a fictional name, now it’s Nicolas Cage’s son’s name. He is a real person. Learn how to pronounce his name you hypocrites.

  2. “So now a black guy is perpetuating black stereotypes?”

    Uh, did it ever occur to you that ANYONE can be racist against ANYONE – even their own race? Ever hear of Michael Jackson, Leo Felton, Uncle Tom or Amy Tan?

    The self-hating “field negro” sell-out is an enduring archetype that has probably existed since the dawn of time…

  3. Yes, I have no doubt that there are self-hating blacks. However, that wasn’t my point was it? Chris Rock does not hate his culture/race. He’s just telling a story about his childhood. He is not perpetuating any stereotypes like Jen and Carmen claim he is.

  4. I just saw your website, blog, or whatever it’s properly called, for the first time and I didn’t see any material posted by you, but I did see some comments, and I think you’re all missing the boat. I’m white, but I’ve been a brother-in-law for 25 years, so I do have a “black” extended family. Here are my thoughts. Race is an invented concept. It doesn’t actually exist. There aren’t any black, white, yellow or red people. We’re all some shade of brown. There are no differences in people except the ones we are taught. Race was invented by some very bright people who wanted to legitimize slavery, and they did a terrific job. They not only convinced all the “white” people that their propaganda was true, the “black” people believed it as well, and it didn’t go away in the 60′s, it’s still alive and well. It’s a disease and we all have it, regardless of skin color, so people don’t really have “self hate”, they just have the disease. Today, it’s very covert, and insidious, but it pops up as required, and most people don’t even know they just did something nasty. How does one go about fixing it? I’m not sure, but I know where to start. Let’s start with unemployment. The government would have us believe that it’s about 4.5 %, but that’s because of the way they calculate it. You have to be in the system, or you don’t count. I don’t have an actual figure, but I’d bet that the employment rate among young black men is a lot closer to 64% than 4%, and it’s not because they don’t want to work. People have to bring that to light. Believe it or not, Americans believe in fair play, and if everyone knew the facts, they would be very upset. That’s enough for my first comments.

  5. I think many folks here, including Dick Dibert who wrote in, and the cohosts lack a historical perspective on race. It’s all about economics! For Carmen to think everyone is racist, dilutes the essence of the word, and excuses malicious intentions. We all may be racial, yes, but to want evil , dominance and control over another race, I don’t believe we all want that.

    Remember the concept of racism started with the slave trade, then writings on comparative anatomy by Cuvier, and you begin to understand the unique history of the African Americans that lasted for four centuries, You’ll then come to understand better the history behind the word “nigger”and that “honky or cracker” were never used to sell or lynch a white person, nor used to deny him/her a job, housing, or a place at a restaurant counter or toilet. Remember too that the civil rights movement, started and endured by African Americans, eventually came to benefit all those other “minority groups”, including Asians, Gays, disabled, women. So when the person from WBAI writes about the “main” prevailing issue of race, it remains in black in white. Black Americans as an entity do not have a global economic system of their own, as Europeans, Japanese, Chinese, Arabs(not the Palestinians!), Indians(Asian), Jews or Brazilians for example. Within that lies the key to understanding why blacks are more disinfranchised, unemployed, underpaid, impoverished, uneducated. Unless you believe Cuvier!

    Lastly, it was also disheartening to hear Carmen read a letter from a supposedly “black female” who said the media portrays black on white crime less than white on black crime, i.e. the KKK. Do you guys read newspapers, watch t.v. news( I don’t !). The point is when ever a white person is murdered or raped in Central Park, or anywhere by a white person, it’s shown and reported with great capacity, with the tongue in cheek “see, those black savages” You guys really missed the boat on this one. And personally, I don’t even think the person who wrote that email was black. That reeks of the white male reverse discrimination concept I thought you’d catch.

    That’s all. Dig your show but you guys need to diversify and reach out to some intellectual blacks on your program who can articulate a “pile” of stuff you may need a deeper understanding of.

    Jazz, not rock and roll!


  6. OOPS, in my email in the next to last paragraph, I say “The point is when a white person is murdered….in Central Park …by a white person”, it should have been of course by a black person….


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