ATR 6 – Oct 3, 2005

The lack of good books written for mixed kids is the subject of Jen’s rant. She critiques two books that have come out in the last 10 years: Black, White, Just Right and The Colors of Us.

Carmen shares the latest and greatest from Mixed Media Watch:

1) We critique Dateline’s handling of a story about a hospital mix-up that resulted in a woman being inseminated with the sperm of two different men: one black, one white.

2) Dr. Phil has a sit-down with a guest who’s a self-professed racist, and has stopped speaking to his daughter because she is carrying a black man’s child. Mind you, this is the same Dr. Phil who a few years back, told a mixed girl on his show that she had to choose to be either black or white. Not really the expert on this topic, we’d say.

3) E.L. Doctorow’s latest novel, “The March” explores slavery circa 1864. One of the main characters is Pearl Jameson, a pale-skinned slave girl whose father is her owner and whose white half-brothers, the two sons of the plantation, lust like animals for their biracial half-sister. That’s right, it’s yet another tragic mulatto story. Just what we need.

4) Derek Jeter is the latest victim of the unknown person who’s been sending hate mail to prominent black men linked to white women. The letter calls him a traitor to his race for dating white women. The FBI investigation is apparently continuing, though we never seem to hear of any progress.

Mixed people are often mistaken as other ethnicities due to their ambiguous looks. Sometimes, they hear racist statements they wouldn’t have, had their true identity been known. Listen in as Racial Spy #40677 reports from her neighborhood Chinese restaurant where she ate dinner with her father, Agent 90944.

People are still scared to death of miscegenation. That much is clear when you look at how interracial couples are portrayed in the media. We take a look at how the media conveys these cautionary messages in both obvious and subtle ways. Click here to read Carmen’s article on the subject.

Here’s a look at the next episode:
1) Our first joint rant about the worst “racial” compliments we’ve received
2) Mixed Media Watch news round-up
3) An interview with Adam Mansbach, author of Angry Black White Boy.

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4 thoughts on “ATR 6 – Oct 3, 2005”

  1. Here is my frank feedback for this episode:

    1- Good work on calling out Adam Curry
    2- As a “mono-racial” with one African parent and one American parent, I don’t remember reading any kids books that accurately represented my experience either. So stop whining. (Though I must agree that your examples were pretty heinous.) I say more sci-fi and fantasy!
    3- The food analogy thing is so prevalent in the world of race discourse – you should make it a regular segment! Title Suggestion: “The Tasty Skin You’re In”
    4- Racial spy segment is kinda lame, and definitely way too long. Maybe take an acting class or have a drink before recording it. You both sound so stiff and rehearesed.
    5- I hope you can improve the sound quality of the show overall. Right now it sounds like it’s recorded in a high school locker room.
    6- Good analysis of media depiction of “mixed” couples. I always failed to frame the Keanu story in those terms. You are so right! It’s always the “poor white woman”. I do think there is a high percentage of interracial “baby-mama-ism” amongst young white women as opposed to women of other races, but as our illiterate young American Idol Fantasia will tell you, being a baby mama doesn’t mean you are weak.
    7- Thanks! Looking forward to the next episode.

  2. Hey! I’ve been listening to your podcast recently and I’ve come to enjoy it. I’m not mixed and I don’t think I know any biracial people, but since listening to you guys I’ve become aware of how the media portrays mixed people and interracial couples.
    I’m writing to tell you guys about an article I read a month ago. It was in the September 18, 2005, Orlando Sentinel in the Life&Times section. It was about a man who is both black(biological father)/white(mother), but was raised by his mother to believe he was only white. Apparently his mother told her husband(a white man)and family that the doctor said his brown skin color was due to a skin disease and everyone believed her. Than the article talks about how the man finds out the truth and the problemsand revelations he’s had since this discovery, with his identity and family. I wish I could send the article to you, maybe it can be found on the internet. Anyway, the articles subject has a website, I figure he might be a good guest speaker for your show. At least the idea of having your true identity(mixed identity) hidden from you, might be a good topic. Lastly, thanks for doing this great podcast. Bye.

  3. Ok, long time listener first time poster.

    Thanks for bringing up that while single black mothers are often looked down on, white single mothers often are praised.Thats not always the case, but in general I think it’s true. I get what you’re saying about the biraical books, but like one of you said, you have to start somewhere.And they are children books so I don’t think you can expect them to have any complicated view on race.

    The spy thing….I have to agree with Camille Acey.The ones before were not so bad, but this one was really cheesy.
    Other then that, good show.

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