ATR 4 – Sep 5, 2005

Silly food analogies used to symbolize mixed heritage is the subject of Jen’s rant today. From fried chicken and latkes to watermelon sushi, from paella with soy sauce to jalapeno bagels, Jen makes fun of all of them.

Mixed people are often mistaken as other ethnicities due to their ambiguous looks. Sometimes, they hear racist statements they wouldn’t have, had their true identity been known. Listen in as Racial Spy #40677 reports about one Latina woman’s secret thoughts about Asians.

Carmen shares the latest and greatest from Mixed Media Watch:

1) Carmen tries to hold back her tears as she reports that Keanu Reeves is dating Diane Keaton. As you might guess, Carmen is a bit of a Keanuphile.

2) A recent New York Times Magazine article discussed how American Indian communities are being forced to confront the question of what exactly makes a person Indian: genetics? or culture? both? or neither?

3) The Washington Post ran an article on “Kill Whitey,” a party that has attracted a cult following of white hipsters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Is it an homage to hip hop? Or just a way to mock black culture? Jen and Carmen debate.

The new school year has started. What better time for Jen to discuss her recent article titled, Mixed Students in the Classroom: Not Absent, Just Overlooked? Jen outlines some common situations teachers have seen their mixed students experience in classrooms and schools. She hopes her advice will help teachers think and understand more about mixed identity.

Here’s a look at the next episode:
1) A rant about the tragic mulatto stereotype, complete with our top 5 favorite real-life tragic mulattos of all time.
2) Mixed Media Watch news roundup
3) Fly on the Wall
4) A discussion on how interracial couples are portrayed in the media

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