ATR 3 – Aug 22, 2005

People who turn to DNA tests to “find themselves” is the subject of Carmen’s rant today. The science behind these tests is questionable at best, and Carmen wonders why these test-takers are so willing to change their entire lives once they find out they have a miniscule amount of non-European ancestry.

Listen in on a real-life conversation about race we eavesdropped on. This time, it’s an incredibly offensive discussion about black women, white women, and Asian women regarding their potential as mates.

Jen shares the latest and greatest from Mixed Media Watch:

1) We are all guilty of making assumptions at one point or another. Jen and Carmen discuss Dateline’s piece about the problematic treatment of missing persons of color, and Carmen explains why she thought that Dateline was guilty of the very thing it was criticizing.

2) Bill Maher recently spoke with the Daily News about his love life. He talks about his newest squeeze, Karrine Steffans, author of tell-all book “Confessions of a Video Vixen,” and denies that there is any significance to the fact that he only dates black women.

3) Jen gives a brief review of the new blockbuster, “Four Brothers.” While the flick was violent and at times hard to believe, it was definitely nice to see that the four transracially adopted brothers were portrayed as loving — aware of their difference, but not distracted by it.

Carmen discusses her recent article titled, Why Civil Rights Organizations Ignore Interracial Couples. It’s time for civil rights organizations to protect interracial couples from discrimination. On the 50th anniversary of Emmett Till’s death, Carmen wonders how we can separate interracial relationships from civil rights when tensions surrounding these relationships lie at the very heart of some of the worst atrocities committed against blacks throughout American history.

Jen and Carmen interview Jamie Tibbetts, founder of Like Minded People, an independently run shirt company. Jamie talks about how LMP got its start, discusses the conscious messages and imagery he uses, and shares his thoughts on the recent trend of mixed models being used to sell product.

Here’s a look at the next episode:
1) A rant about the silly food analogies people use to symbolize mixed identity (e.g. “fried chicken and latkes”)
2) Mixed Media Watch news roundup
3) Ask New Demographic: “What’s wrong with saying that mixed people or children are beautiful?”
4) A discussion on what teachers can do to prepare themselves to serve the mixed students in their classes

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